Revtrak school payment software

RevTrak: school payment software

RevTrak school payment software

Streamline School Payments with RevTrak

RevTrak is Vanco’s online school payment system that allows schools to accept fees for a wide range of activities, making it a one-stop solution for all payment needs. Whether it’s child care, athletics, apparel, technology fees, or even performing arts events, RevTrak can handle it all.

It offers a user-friendly, centralized platform for parents to pay for everything from school lunch to activity fees. School staff can consolidate reporting and reduce the reconciliation process to just 10 minutes or less.

Key Features

  • Integration with District Software:
    RevTrak seamlessly integrates with over 25 partner software solutions, including popular ones like Skyward and PowerSchool. This integration simplifies financial reconciliation for school meal payments, registration fees, and more, making it a one-stop shop for all payments and fees.
  • Reduce Office Call Volume:
    By allowing families to pay online through the Web Store, RevTrak reduces the need for office staff to field time-consuming calls and emails. Both staff and parents can easily track school payments, providing transparency and clarity on fees and payments.
  • Cashless and Paperless:
    RevTrak helps schools move towards a cashless and paperless campus by offering efficient and transparent automatic payments, registrations, and late payment fees. It provides a variety of payment types and options to meet parents’ needs.
  • Fundraising Made Easy:
    RevTrak centralizes all payments, from ticket purchases to generous donations, making support for schools more accessible and engaging. It takes fundraising to the next level with effortless payments and streamlined sign-ups.
  • Dedicated Support:
    No DIY is needed with RevTrak. Dedicated specialists guide your district from sign-up to streamlined operations. You can enjoy exceptional customer care, custom builds, timely training materials, and responsive support throughout your journey.
  • Detailed and Consolidated Reporting:
    RevTrak empowers schools with precision reporting tailored to your needs. Whether you need monthly statements or intricate transaction details, everything is consolidated in one hub with streamlined payment dashboards.
  • Airtight Security:
    Your school’s security is a top priority. RevTrak is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, meeting the highest credit card processing standards. Every transaction is shielded to ensure the security of students’ and parents’ card payment details.
  • Online Store for Merchandise:
    RevTrak offers an online store that allows schools to sell merchandise, from spirit wear to essential supplies, 24/7. This helps drive revenue directly into K-12 programs while celebrating school pride.

Pros and Cons


  • 1. What is RevTrak?

    RevTrak is Vanco's online school payment system, simplifying school fee payments with integration, security, and fundraising support.

  • 2. Can RevTrak integrate with our existing district software?

    Yes, RevTrak seamlessly integrates with over 25 partner solutions, making it easy to streamline payments with your existing software.

  • 3. Is RevTrak's online payment system secure?

    Yes, RevTrak is fully encrypted and PCI-compliant, ensuring the security of payment details.

  • 4. How do we get started with RevTrak?

    Vanco's dedicated specialists will guide your district from sign-up to streamlined operations, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • 5. Can RevTrak help with fundraising efforts?

    Absolutely. RevTrak centralizes payments, making it easier to collect donations and support for schools.

Pricing for RevTrak may vary depending on the specific needs and size of your school district. To get accurate pricing information, it’s best to reach out to Vanco for a customized quote.


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